B3 Exact Competition Hunter Sight (Bridge-Lock


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  • Weighs around 8 ounces (aperture included)
  • Comes standard with the same 5” extension bar, fast-pitch elevation rod and 3 macro-elevation positions as the Exact 3D sight
  • Hunting aperture that is machined aluminum with an adjustable level
  • Superior all-steel pins produce maxim
    • 5″ standard bar 3 axis adjustments
    • Sight light included
    • Fast pitch elevation rod
    • All-machined metal parts
    • Colored sight bands included
    • Angled sight scale for visibility
    • 15 stick-on sight tapes included inside
    • Mathews Archery Bridge-Lock sight bar
    • Elevation that can be used with or without a click
    • The most precise micro-adjust windage unit available; under .001 per click with no excess travel
    Note: This sight is designed to be used with the Mathew Archery Bridge-Lock System, it does not include the standard dovetail mount.

    um light gathering

  • Standard Hunter housing with 4 pins

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