About Us

From the team of It’s in my Blood Traditions To our fellow hunters and viewers. We want you to know a little about the way we think about hunting and what we hunt. For hundreds of years people have hunted for the reason of putting food on the kitchen table for the family. They had a great respect for the animals they shot and killed, not for fun, but for providing food for their people. If we all hunt just for the enjoyment of killing and watching animals and birds fall to their death, then we have lost a valuable gift, and that is respect for life. Hunting is a tradition and lifestyle, and can be an enjoyable for a hunter and his family. So if you respect life, life will respect you. Hunt safe to all of you. Thanks and God Bless, from your friends at Blood Traditions. As Hunters we wanted to sell products in which were made in the good old usa and by hunters for hunters. If we sell the product we recommend the product. And we thank you all for your kindness and support.